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Ms. Shruti Keshari

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  • Computer science and engineering
  • Assistant Professor
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Brief Profile:

Assistant Professor of CSE Department in IMS Engineering College, Ghaziabad


MTech, Year: 2010


Designation- Assistant Professor Grade 2, Organization: IMSEC, Duration: 04/08/2016 till date
Designation- Assistant Professor Grade 2, Organization: IMSEC, Duration: 21/02/2011 till 01/08/2013
Designation- Assistant Professor , Organization: Lovely professional University, Duration: 01/07/2010 till 03/12/2010

Areas of Interests

Java Language, Web Development, Theory of Automata and Formal Languages, Data Structure and Software Engineering

Research publications in International Journal

Paper title “Verification of Privacy Preserving Authentication Protocol for VANETs” published in 2010 International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Communication Networks (CICN).

Workshops Attended

"1. Attended IOT seminar organized at 18 February 2017. 2. Attended 1 day IOT workshop organized by Headstart at 6th March 2017. 3. Attend webinar on Demystifying Security Data Science at 8th Nov 2017. 4. 5 days webinar on Beyond The Boundaries:Reinventing Horizons in june 2020. 5. 5 days webinar on Global Pandemic Outbreak: Role of Technology & Automation in june 2020. 6. Webinar on Virtual Reality in 14 may 2020. 7. Webinar on ThingSpeak Cloud & IoT in 2nd june 2020. 8. Webinar on Smart Vehicles - IoT Enabled Vehicular Communication in 4th June 2020. 9. Webinar on Python Program for IoT Enabled Bio Medical Applications in 5th June 2020. "

FDP Attended

"1. Completed ""Introduction to Cloud Development with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript"" Edx Course with 89% result. 2. Completed ""Python Basics for Data Science"" Edx Course with 90% result. 3. FDP on Block chain Technology in June 2020. 4. FDP through NPTEL on Programming in JAVA in October 2019. 5. FDP on Current Research Trends in Artificial Neural Network July 2019. 6. FDP through NPTEL on Theory of Automata in May 2019. 7. National workshop on Research & Project Development Using Machine Learning Techniques at 24-25 January 2018. 8. National Seminar on Recent Advances in Computer Vision & Image Processing, 28 july 2018. 9. FDP on AI, Analytics, BI at 9th January 2018. 10. FDP in Networking Simulation (MANET, WSN & IOT) using NetSim Software at 8th June 2017. 11. FDP in Data Analysis and Machine Learning at 12-16 June 2017. Online courses: 1.Hello Bot: Introduction to RPA online course in June 2020. 2. Break The Ice: An Introduction to Creating Your First Bot online course in June 2020. 3.Bot Story: Where Automation Meets Analytics Using Bot Insight V10.0 online course in June 2020. 4.12 hrs. Automation Anywhere University Essential Level Prep Courses in May 2020. 5.12 weeks NPTEL course on Theory of Automata in May 2019. 6. 12 weeks NPTEL course on Programming in JAVA in October 2019. 7. Python Programming- A Practical Approach 8. Agile software Development Framework-Scrum through IIT Kanpur. 9. Basics of R-programming course through IIT Kanpur. 10. Completed 4 weeks SAP Course on Design Your First App Using Build. "

Awards & Honors

1. Received Wipro Certified Faculty certificate
2. Get Appreciation certificate from AKTU for uploading Lecture videos of Theory of automata.
3.Got Best Faculty Award in 2018.
4.Passed B. Tech and M. tech with Honors
5.AIR -254 in GATE 2008


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