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Mr. Sumit Sharma

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  • Mechanical engineering
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Brief Profile:

Name: Sumit Sharma
Qualification: - M.Tech. (Machine Design), B.Tech. (Mechanical Engineering)
Area of interest: - 3D Printing Technology & Industrial Automation


M.Tech, Year-2013


Designation-Lecturer, Organization-J B Knowledge Park Faridabad, Duration- 07-2010 to 07-2011
Assistant Professor, Organization-Rawal Institute of Engineering & Technology, Faridabad, Duration- 06-2013 to 06-2014
Assistant Professor, Organization-IMS Engineering College, Ghaziabad, Duration- 06-2014 to Present

Areas of Interests

3D Printing Technology & Industrial Automation

Workshops Attended

"1- Eleation's online workshop on Universal Human Value on the theme “Inculcating 2. Universal Human Values in Technical Education” during 24-28 August, 2020 as organized by All India Council for Technical Education(AICTE). 3. online ANYSYS Basics to Advance Training Program on dated 8th Feb 2021 successfully completed online training on 4. MANUFACTURING OF IMPORT SUBSTITUTE & EXPORT ORIENTED PRODUCTS USING 3D PRINTING TECHNOLOGY on 29th June, 2020 from MSME-TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT CENTRE (PPDC) 5. Attended Live Workshop on Technology Commercialization on 15 February 2021 6. attended Five Days innovative series on patent search and filling 16-20 February 2021 conducted by Turnip innovations. 7. completed online course on Identifying Entrepreneurial Opportunities Through EDx compleated on February 28, 2021 "

Workshops conducted

"1-Summer Training on Industrial IoT & 3 d Printing For IMSEC Students 2-Summert Training on Robotics For IMSEC Students"

FDP Attended

"1. FDP on Manufacturing Automation Through NPTEL (July -August 2020) 2. one week fdp workshop on role of IoT in startup india mission on 20-25 july 2021 "

Awards & Honors

1. Best Teacher Award By IMS Engineering College Ghaziabad, on Dated 5 Sep 2017,
2. Secured Second Rank As Coach of IMSEC Students during World Robot Olympiad 2016 in open advance robotics challenge


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