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VIBGYOR-2018 is the Annual Cultural festival of IMS Engineering College, Ghaziabad which promotes creativity, liberty, energy, enthusiasm and provides students with the opportunity to explore and rediscover them. VIBGYOR-2018 returns with its next edition bringing with it an experience of innovation, competition and learning that has become his hall mark.

Ours is not just a college festival, it is a celebration of the spirit of youth, a platform for stunning talents fiesta of grandeur, borne aloft by creativity, innovation and passion and a lifetime of memories. Stay tuned, as VIBGYOR-2018 will keep you engrossed in a plethora of professional shows, competitions that has something for everybody with some of the sharpest minds converging under one banner, one can except to go back inspired.

The VIBGYOR-2018 is coming bigger and better by an injection of new exciting competitions, which will entertain and challenge the participants.

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Major Recruiters at IMS Engineering College, Ghaziabad