The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) has been reconstituted for monitoring the quality parameters in IMS Engineering College. The composition of the cell is as:

Chairperson - Dr. Prabal Chakravorty, Director

Member from the management - Shri. Sanjay Agarwal Ji, Treasurer

Senior Administrative Officer - Mr. Manoj Kukreja, Registrar

Nominee from the Local Society/Trust, Students and Alumni -

  1. Shri. Apoorva Goel, Member-IMSEC Society
  2. Mr. Sunny Kumar Jadoon, Alumni
  3. Mr. Manas Gupta, Student-CSE

One nominee each from the Employer/Industrialists/Stakeholders -

  1. Mr. Anurag Gupta, Director-Tevatron Technologies: Industrialist
  2. Employer – Vipul Batra, Team Lead, Sopra Steria, Noida
  3. Stakeholder – Mr. Dheeraj Sirohi (Parent of student)

Faculty Members to represent all levels -

  1. Dr. Suneet Shukla, Associate Professor (IT)
  2. Dr. Avdhesh Gupta, Associate Professor (CSE)
  3. Dr. B. N. Pathak, Associate Professor (ME)
  4. Prof. Punjika Rathi, Assistant Professor (MBA)
  5. Prof. Saroj Kumar, Assistant Professor (EN)
  6. Prof. Jaya Nidhi Vashishtha, Assistant Professor (EC)
  7. Prof Hakim Singh, Assistant Professor (CSE)

Coordinator - Dr. Narendra Kumar, Associate Professor (BT)

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