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Ms. Punjika Rathi

  • Department:
  • Position:
  • Experience:
  • Mba
  • Assistant Professor
  • 12

Brief Profile:

  • UGC NET (LS & JRF) qualified.
  • NSE Certified Security Market Trainer
  • Developed Case study on HDFC Bank
  • Participated in Large numbers of workshops related to Advance excel, SPSS , R Programming , E views etc.
  • Organised many successful events like Management Fest, Seminars, Quiz and Webinars etc.


  • Ph. D Pursuing from AIMA and AMU
  • Advance Diploma in Management from AIMA
  • MBA from Dr APJ AKTU , Lucknow
  • B.Sc from CCS University Merrut


12 years of Teaching and Administration

Areas of Interests

Awards & Honors

  1. Certificate of Appreciation, from Dr APJ AKTU for developing MOOC Course 
  2. Delivered video lectures for “Swayam Prabha” TV Channel on behalf of Dr APJ AKTU.
  3. Best Teacher Award Conferred by IMS Engineering College Ghaziabad in 2016 and 2018


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