IMSEC Society

Placement Policy

1 Students should prepare their resume taking into consideration the nature of the job of the company to which they want to apply.
2 It is expected that a student should not add any ambiguous/ wrong/ fraudulent/ misleading information in his/ her resume. Resume checks will continue throughout the placement process. If, on verification, any discrepancy is found, the student will be debarred from the placement process.
3 CDC invites various companies for the final year students and also takes care about the profile of the company and makes the students aware about it. However, students should also verify the credibility of every company on their own also.
4 Joining date and other terms & conditions of the company, during placement process or after selection will be in between selected students and the company.
5 There will be no money transaction for placement. If anybody is found involved in such activity, IMSEC will not own any responsibility.
6 Any student not interested in placement; should give his/ her consent in writing to CDC.
7 It is mandatory for the eligible & interested students to register for each campus drive separately.
8 Students are required to carry all relevant documents in every recruitment drive.
9 Students must carry their I-card during the recruitment drive. No student will be allowed to participate without a college I-card and proper college uniform.
10 Consistent attendance up to 6th Semester should not preferably be below 75% to participate in any placement activity.
11 Director has the discretion not to allow any student to appear in the recruitment drive if found involved in any misconduct or indiscipline.
12 The eligibility criteria and other related details will be shared with students prior in advance.
13 Students can avail as many opportunities as they desire to participate in campus drives till final selection.
14 Each student is eligible for Only One Job Offer.
  • However if the student is allowed to participate for the second offer, it will be informed in advance. But the right is reserved by the college and CDC.
  • Students from streams like Electrical, Mechanical, Civil & EC will be allowed to sit for campus drive of core companies even if they have offers from non-core or IT companies.
  • If any student of any branch is selected in their core domain then he/ she will not be allowed to participate in the forthcoming campus drives (applies on all the branches).
  • 15 In case the company is unable to declare the final result on the same day, the student is allowed to participate in other companies.
    16 In case, a student decides not to join where he/ she got selected, he should inform the CDC in writing with proper reasons at the earliest.
    17 Direct Interaction or communication with the company officials is strictly not allowed.
    18 If a student gives consent to appear in a company drive but does not appear without any valid reason; he/she will be treated as indiscipline. If such type of act is repeated he/ she will be debarred from the forthcoming placement drives.
    19 If any eligible student does not apply or give consent for three placement drives, it will be presumed that he/she is not interested in placement.
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