IMSEC Society

Chairman's Message

The pace of transformations in the global economy and unprecedented economic and technological challenges encountered by the business world has given rise to great opportunities for evolving newer methodologies and innovative goals of knowledge sharing in the fields of engineering and management.

Since its inception, IMSEC has been continuously evolving by pursuing and inculcating several innovative ways of teaching, learning and experience-sharing by demonstrating accomplishment of time-bound mission-oriented goals. This has been made possible by creating an intellectual capital of in-house human resources of highly qualified and experienced faculty members, state-of-the-art infrastructure, modernized well-equipped laboratories, Wi-Fi campus, and the sprawling Central Library for effective and efficient learning, which is further fortified with a course curriculum that meets the needs of the industries.

We have consciously created a culture that values collegiality and accessibility, with open doors at all levels.

IMSEC is committed to nurturing talent and remains deeply rooted to the roots of education and technology. Our priority is to instil in our students a sense of commitment and to expand their knowledge and their intellectual horizons so that they emerge transformed and prepared to have an impact on the world of business and society at large.

Wishing all aspirants good luck.

Shri Naresh Agarwal
Chairman, IMS Society

Admission 2024-25