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Director's Message

I am a firm believer that only knowledge can transform a human being to “being human”. Undoubtedly, technical and management education play a pivotal role to cope and combat with the challenges of this unprecedented world on both the fronts. To have a sustainable mankind across the world and to cultivate innovations and research to create an unmatchable and persistence ecosystem of holistic growth to excel others in this highly competitive arena.

IMS Engineering College, Ghaziabad, since its inception (2002), has been highly successful in maintaining a learning environment and a flexible conducive ambience which thrives and strives for an incredible vision to accomplish and that’s too within a stipulated time frame.

I am confident enough that this sacred objective of mine to catapult the students’ fraternity to refined intellectuals with professional attributes is not a dream but a reality. The key stake holders of IMSEC-GZB, i.e. our students and the faculty members are always well acquainted and prepared to unleash the potentials in them in the right perspective to enrich their knowledge and other cognitive skills using the ecosystem of our institution.

We practice a pedagogy that promotes creativity, innovation in teaching-learning practices of high standards. Every course is designed, delivered and monitored in such a manner that will add a significant value and flourish innovation to the students. We embrace and admire a vast cultural diversity which enlightens us in all aspects of life. Nurturing a sense of eco friendliness in the atmosphere makes us democratic and participatory in nature otherwise it will be detrimental and fatal for all of us. Nevertheless, we equally emphasize on the development of core human values, mental well-being and physical well-being of our students.

Last but not least, we are student driven. The welfare of our students is always our top priority. Thus, we do modify our academic infra and invest on latest technological know-hows and on acquiring management skills from time to time as per the need of the industry. We have to navigate the young energetic minds for metamorphosis through academic rigor and imbibing corporate soft skills & ethical values to get accommodated in the current professional scenario. I feel that actions should speak volumes better than words for adding laurels on our ongoing legacy. I am culminating with this sincere gratitude towards all our stake holders who have shown trust on us.

Thank you.

Prof.(Dr.) Vikram Bali
B.Tech., ME, Ph.D

Admission 2024-25