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Prelude to Career Development Center (CDC):

There is a huge gulf between the expectations of the industry and the end products in academia. The time demands to formulate some strategies to bridge this vacuum earnestly and with immediate effect. Of course, there are several challenges because we least pay heed to the industry demands and innovative research-based ideology. We have to cope up with the rapid changes in the global business environment. Thus, we are bound to integrate the distinguished tools and techniques that connect the temperament of higher educational institutions and the corporate world.

Students must understand that there is permanent employability, not permanent employment in the present world. Nevertheless the torch bearers must be sensitive enough to feel that it is their foremost responsibility making students enable to become employable and deployable in the corporate world.

Need for establishing CDC:

It has been witnessed that phobia in imagination is more fatal than in real world situations. Often, we make our living stressful because we underestimate our potential. Students should be promising to counter all sorts of challenges in life. Moreover, all of us have diversified needs and different ways of coping with cumbersome situations. Few students have dealt well with restrictions and changing scenarios. For others, it is challenging to cope with all the changes and uncertainty. They are feeling some level of stress, anxiety, isolation and grief. There are few immortal mantras to success, like: They should believe that every problem has a solution. Students must cultivate and become mature to create empathy and understand limitations of others. We are bound to be flexible and generate authentic sources of information. Institutions must identify and have appropriate sources to share the problems. Higher institutions should be focused on finding feasible solutions and optimize the same after discussions with experts-the only panacea left to target destinations and anchor achievements by adhering to sure success.

Career Development Cell (CDC):

Career Development Cell is the livewire and power house of IMSEC-GZB. An intrinsic hub that assemblage psychological, sociological, educational, physical, and economic factors blended strategically to influence the nature and significance of work in the total lifespan of a student. In a layman’s language, it is an epicentre of an individual's progression through life. The activities, workshops & programmes conducted by the CDC are a means to achieve the much-sought careers. The cell provides vast opportunities for quantitative growth as they widen the student’s horizon to unimaginable prospects. The Cell makes special efforts to ensure students are on target with educational and career goals orientations that retrieve them to identify the perfect career path.

The CDC is committed to convince the top corporate houses & multinational companies to visit the institution for the recruitment of B.Tech, MBA & MCA students. Around 200 companies visit our institution every year for Placements. Student Company Engagement Ratio (SCER) is par excellence. The list is endless as new companies are being merged every year.

The CDC conducts Pre-Placement Talks and induces rigorous Pre-Placement Training Programmes for the B. Tech, MCA & MBA students to make them Industry-ready throughout the academic year.

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