IMSEC Society


ENvincible is a society run by students of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department. It was established in year 2009. It is the body, responsible for carrying out various technical and cultural events for the students, and to publicize about the opportunities and achievements regarding the students. The society is made up of a varied collection of individuals who are working together to organize events. Every year we organize an event under the flag of ENvincible in which the various technical and cultural events conducted such as, technical Quiz, Extempore, poster presentation, sketching, street painting, Double wicket cricket, Tug with twist, Musical chair etc.


Our vision is for every student to get the most they can out of their time in the college life by:

  • Empowering students to achieve their full potential
  • Inclusivity for all students
  • Providing a supportive environment
  • Promoting a sense of fun and enjoyment

Club Convenor's Names

President: Vivek Tripathi (EN -3rd yr)

Vice President: kumar Upadhyay (EN-3rd yr)

Head Coordinators

  • Manya Anand (EN-3rd year)
  • Shubham Dubey (EN-2nd year)
  • Priyam Chandra (EN-2nd year)
  • Aakriti Mittal (EN-2nd year)

Admission 2024-25