IMSEC Society

Faces Society


To bring out the hidden potential of students apart from academics, and to make them how a real world is running.


Enhancing all students to participate actively in their passionate stream and to create a finest platform to present their ideas under FACES.


IMSEC believes that every passion and interest is worth exploring and supports all exciting ideas that students have for creating new organizations, so long as they are not insensitive or offensive to other members of the University. FACES provides each student the opportunity to explore their passion outside their regular studies and collaborate and learn as part of a community that is bound together by shared interests.

The dynamism of academic life pours out of the classrooms. It is a worthy representative for the psychological and intellectual focus of the students that many the activities are expansions of their intellectual and profession goals. There are a few yearly 'fests' and diversion occasions coordinated by the department consistently. FACES Club give a gathering to collaboration among themselves and the rest of the world occasions, but differed, it very well might be formal or casual, however draws out the enthusiasm in adolescents and foster their authoritative abilities. FACES achieve a decent equilibrium of work, Fun and leisure activities and ensure the overall advancement of students.

FACES is the main hub of student activity. It provides an outlet and a stage for the creative juices of young minds and hearts. Faces club give you the chance to apply classroom learning & Skills in the outside world. This helps you to gain invaluable leadership as well as life skills. In addition to connecting other students who have similar interests, FACES club also make students to interact with alumni and professionals in their fields of interest.


Key Benefits:

• FACES Club enrich your experience, create a diverse community, encourage involvement, and provide opportunities for students to build valuable skills.
• This helps you to build formal and informal networks while exploring career opportunities.
• Open to all students, these clubs organize programs, events, and meetings throughout the academic year.

Future Activities:

  • Awareness Program – This is to give a complete overview of FACES acknowledged by the students, through the coordinators of the club.
  • Workshops – As the name says, FACES provides knowledge to its members by conducting workshops. They can experience a hand on in their passionate stream and are prepared to actively participate in events in and out of the college.
  • Competitions – A various types of events such as idea competitions, cultural competitions, non-tech competitions, hackathons, project expos etc., are conducted for the members such that they can completely utilize their knowledge and skills on a product

To join FACES Club, Contact us:

Faculty Coordinators:
Ms. Mayurika Saxena
Mr. Jaya Nidhi Vashistha

Student Coordinators:                                                                      

1. Riddhi Agarwal (EC-1-IIIrd Years)
    Roll No. 1901430310025
    Mob. No. 7703993391

2. Aviral Tiwari (EC-1-IInd Year)
    Roll No. 2001430310002
    Mob. No. 8700935376

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