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Ms. Megha Gupta

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  • Computer science
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Brief Profile:

My Name is Megha Gupta.I completed my B.Tech from GGSIPU and from Kurukshetra University.I have 1.4 years experience of teaching at HMR Institute of Technology & Management.I completed my internship during my B.Tech from Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria.Currently working in IMS Engineering College from 28/09/2020.
Personal Profile:-
FATHER’S NAME: Mr. Vijay Kumar Gupta
DATE OF BIRTH: 16-07-1995
GENDER: Female
LANGUAGES KNOWN: - Hindi, English


MTech -- 2018


Assistant Professor - HMR Institite of Technology & Management -- 07/02/2019 to 31/05/2020

Areas of Interests

Machine Learning

Research publications in International Journal

"1)“Machine Learning as Intelligent tool for Churn Prediction in Telecommunication Industry”, Megha Gupta , IJCA August 2018 ,volume181/number10/29808-2018917621 ISBN: 973-93- 80899-07-2 DOI: 10.5120/ijca2018917621 2) “An Implementation of Machine Learning As Intelligent Tool for Churn Prediction in Telecommunication Industry” Published in International Journal of Management, IT & Engineering ISSN: 2249-0558, Volume 8, Issue7 (1) July 2018. 3)“Dynamic Heart Disease Prediction by Machine Learning “Published in International society of Engineering Education & Entrepreneurship (ISEEE-2020). 4) “Heart-Rate evaluation using Remote photoplethysmography-A case study” Accepted in Elsevier conference SSRN-2020. 5) Mandeep Singh, Namrata Sukhija, Anupam Sharma, Megha Gupta, Dr. Puneet Kumar Aggarwal, Chapter titled ""Security and Privacy Requirements for IoMT based Smart Healthcare System: Challenges, Solutions and Future Scope"", accepted for the book ""Big Data Analysis for Green Computing: Concepts and Applications"" to be published by CRC Press (Taylor and Francis Group) [In press]. 6) Megha Gupta, Mandeep Singh, Anupam Sharma, Namrata Sukhija, Dr. Puneet Kumar, Dr. Parita Jain, Chapter titled ""Unification of Machine Learning and Blockchain Technology in Healthcare Industry"", accepted for the book ""Futuristic Healthcare Informatics"" to be published by IET Publication. [Accepted] Anupam Sharma, , Mandeep Singh, Megha Gupta, Namrata Sukhija, Dr. Puneet Kumar, Chapter titled ""Enactment of Blockchain Technology in 5G Smart Healthcare"", accepted for the book ""Blockchain Applications for Healthcare Informatics: Beyond 5G"" to be published by Elsevier (Scopus Index). [Accepted] 7) Mandeep Singh, Megha Gupta, Anupam Sharma, Dr. Parita Jain, Dr. Puneet Kumar Aggarwal, Chapter titled “Role of Deep Learning in Healthcare Industry: Limitations, Challenges & Future Scope”, accepted for book Deep Learning for Healthcare Services” to be published by BENTHAM SCIENCE (Scopus Index).Accepted"

Workshops Attended

"1) participation in workshop on hacking by IIT Kharagpur. 2) participation in Orientation workshop on Android Development with Kotlin on 24/03/2021"

FDP Attended

"1)“ICT based on Curriculum Implementation “organized by NITTTR Chandigarh from 25 Feb-01 March 2019. 2) “ICT based STC on Practical skills in Technical Education “organized by NITTTR Chandigarh from 25-29 Nov 2019. 3) “Database Foundations” organized by Oracle Academy from 27 April- 1 may 2020. 4) “Research Methodology: Tools & Techniques” organized by IILM college of engineering and Technology from 18-22 may 2020. 5) “Augmented Reality and Virtual reality” organized by ATAL, AICTE from 25-29 May 2020. 6) “Role of Science, Technology and Innovation in the current scenario” organized by University school of Basic & Applied sciences (GGSIPU) from 26-29 May 2020. 7) “Data Driven Innovation” organized by Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology held on 02/06/2020 and 04/06/2020. 8) “Recent Trends in Communication and Wireless Networks” organized by KKR & KKS Institute of Technology & Sciences from 05/06/2020-09/06/2020. 9) “Emerging Trends of Information Technologies and Its Applications” organized by Ajay Kumar Garg Engineering College, Ghaziabad from 16/12/2020-20/12-2020. 10) ""Short term training program in design of soft computing based machine learning models"" organized by Panipat Institute of Engineering & Technology, Panipat from 07/06/2021-12/06/2021. 11) ""cyber security"" organized by E &ICT Academy IIT Kanpur from 24/05/2021-29/05/2021. 12) ""Machine Learning"" organized by E &ICT Academy IIT Kanpur from 05/04/2021-10/04/2021. 13) "" Emerging Technologies in the field of RF and IoT"" organized by HMR Institute of Technology and Management from 22/03/2021-26/03/2021. Online Course:- 1) ""AI for everyone: Master the Basics"" offered by IBM done through Edx. 2) ""Blockchain: Understanding its uses and implications"" offered by The Linux foundation done through Edx. 3)""Python Basics for Data Science"" offered by IBM done through Edx."

Awards & Honors

1) Internship program by Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria
2) Got prize for getting 2nd division in academics during B.Tech.


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