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A day of Exuberance and Vigor..

A day of Exuberance and Vigor..
04 Mar,2022

*IMSEC B.Tech First Year* (Freshers) reeled the stage through cultural Events under the mission of *"Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat "* organized by the Cultural Committee, IMSEC Ghaziabad. Around 30 candidates enthusiastically participated in different events and the deserving candidates grabbed the positions.Disha Chauhan,Bhoomika Kaushik,Anant yash and Harsh saraswat grasped *First position* and Ayush Gupta,lshika AgarwaI,Prerna Ahuja,Saubhagya Mishra,Sarthak Agarwal and Shruti secured *Second position* in GROUP DANCE competition. Disha Chauhan won the second and Vanshika & Muskan Gupta together grabbed the third position in a solo dance competition. In solo Singing competition, Ayush Srivastava and Varun Verma seized *First position* and third position respectively. Blessing and good wishes to all the participants who made the events truly memorable.

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