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FDP on Universal Human Values & Profession Ethics

FDP on Universal Human Values & Profession Ethics
11 May,2023

IMSEC Ghaziabad is committed to encourage the practice of conducting “Faculty Development Programs” periodically for its faculty members to imbibe and escalate technical skills prevailing in the current industrial scenario and for inculcating moral values too.

Thus, the institution has organized a 3-day FDP on “Universal Human Values & Professional Ethics”   from 12th to 14th of May 2023. This was a collaborative initiative of “Universal Human Values Cell and Internal Quality Assurance Cell” of the institution under the aegis of All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) New Delhi.

There is nothing to demystify that elevating the acumen, intellectual capital & values of faculty members through FDPs have always been proved beneficial to uplift the intellect of students and assist them in navigating their beliefs, ethics & moral values to reap desired outcomes in the right direction and that’s too within the stipulated time horizon.

The current education has to be bi-dimensional to solve dual purpose. Firstly, it is bound to be skill oriented for infusing technical know-how to get placed by enhancing their employability quotient and secondly, even more importantly, value based so that today’s generations may able to sustain human values and professional ethics and led a contended and happy life free from stress, anxiety and depressions. 

The Resource persons were Mr. Alok Kumar Pandey and Dr. H. K. Rai. Mr. Arun Kumar Pandey was the Observer. The discussions of all the three days are mentioned below:



Basic aspiration of Human Being, Process & Programme to fulfill the Basic Aspirations, Process of Self Exploration and Self verification, Dimensions of Human Behavior and Work Discussions about Right Understanding, Relationship and Physical Facility.


Day 2

Harmony in Human Being , Need of Human Being and their fulfillment, Harmony in Family, Understanding of Relationship and their fulfillment to ensure Mutual Happiness, Understanding of Feelings,  Trust and Respect.

Day 3

Understanding of Others’ Feelings like Affection, Gratitude, Love etc., Understanding of Harmony in Society and Nature and Understanding of Harmony in Existence.

The registered faculty members were more than 50 and highly excited to implement their learning in real life. Everybody praised the FDP as it was highly informative with sprinkles of quality entertaining ingredients to make it more appealing. All had cherished the comprehensive modules designed for few dedicated hours and felt enlightened.

The participants had a new dimension and meaning in their lives to get rejuvenated and led a social and career path which would certainly be more refined, meaningful and poured in humanism. Last but not least, the Chief Coordinator Dr. Naveen Kumar Sharma of IMSEC had bestowed the vote of thanks to all the participants and showed humble gratitude to all the three resource persons.

Indeed the concluding session was highly emotional as the roadmap to success was illuminated with spiritual beams as the journey was initiated from “human being” and metamorphosis to become “being human”. Undoubtedly, this FDP will resonate in the minds of the fortunate participants for indefinite time period as we all can count on the discourse. 

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