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IMSEC welcomed the team of "Talent Acquisition" from TCS (HR-Delhi Region)

08 May , 2023 | College-News

IMSEC Ghaziabad is committed to facilitate students with all latest technical knowhow and current innovations as per the need of the industry so that they can take leverage of the same to excel others in respect to architect their career in a much enduring way and come out with flying colors in the holistic spectrum of life.


In synchronization with the above mentioned theme, IMSEC whole heartedly welcomed the team of “Talent Acquisition” from TCS (HR-Delhi Region). The Hon'ble Director Dr. Vikram Bali had extended his humble gratitude to both the delegates Mr. Siddharth Singh and Mr. Gaurav Singh for visiting our institution.  The epicenter of the discussion was the hiring strategy of TCS pertaining to III year B.Tech. students of IMSEC Ghaziabad. 


The TCS team has put importance to bridge the gulf and accordingly train students to escalate their  aptitude and acumen and prepare them to perform in a much refined way which can boost their confidence and break the ice successfully in all their future attempts related to TCS hiring.

Last but not least, Dr. Bali thanked TCS for considering us and acknowledging our true efforts and cementing our professional relationship to an immortal state and escalating the same to the next higher level. Indeed, it was an honor and privilege to receive the TCS team for the entire IMSEC fraternity.

IMSEC welcomed the team of

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