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Aaghaaz 2K23-Annual Inter-Institutional Mega Tech Fusion

Aaghaaz 2K23-Annual Inter-Institutional Mega Tech Fusion
22 Jun,2023

With a proud legacy spanning 21 years, IMS Engineering College Ghaziabad has brought about a multitude of positive transformations for the institute. One such milestone is the upcoming Annual Inter-Institutional Mega Tech Fusion - Aaghaaz 2K23. Mark your calendars, as this grand event is set to take place on June 22, 2K23.

To commemorate our journey that extends over two decades, we have curated an extravagant lineup of diverse programs. From Business Plan to Ad Zap, Blind Coding to Jugard Management, and the thrilling 100 ka Dam to Web a thon and many more.  We offer an endless array of learning opportunities.

We are well aware of the immense talent that resides within your esteemed college across various off-beat streams and domains. Hence, we extend an earnest invitation for you to step forward and take up the challenge. Join us in what promises to be one of the greatest battles ever witnessed.

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