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Induction Programme 2021

Induction Programme 2021


Induction Programme 2021

Detailed Report

Day 0- 19-10-2021

On the very first day the students were registered and shifted in the hostel.

Day 1- 20-10-2021

Orientation Programme


The most reputed and one of the premier & prestigious institutions of Delhi NCR named “IMS Engineering College”, located at Ghaziabad organized the “Induction Programme 2021” dedicated to B.Tech and Bio Technology students who have taken admission in the academic session 2021.

It is a 21-day event, from 20th of October to 14th of November 2021. All students enrolled for B.Tech and Bio Technology course at under graduate level have arrived to witness a thrilling, informative and entertaining scheduled programmes right from the morning till evening. The academic extravaganza was a huge success because right from the Director, to HoD with the team had contributed to their fullest to accomplish the pre defined goals meant to condition the minds of the newly admitted students for paving a robust career path for them.

The very first day was triggered by lighting the auspicious lamp and invoking the Goddess of knowledge Maa Saraswati to seek her blessing by “Saraswati Bandana”. The inaugural speech was given by the honorable Director of the institution Dr. Prabal Kumar Chakraborty. His words were really mesmerizing and created a positive impact on the minds of the students.

A highly motivational speech was delivered by Dr. Marya Naim, one of the PDP Trainers of the institution. She streamlined the actions, thoughts of these budding Technocrats so that they can schedule their action plan accordingly to become successful Engineers in future and can pave their path to get placed easily.

The programme coordinator, Dr. Arvind Kumar Sharma through a power point presentation introduced the college to the fresher batch. It was all about the facilities, accolades and recognitions. It was a virtual tour of the IMSEC GZB since its inception, about the laurels and the ongoing legacy.

Lunch was provided to all students and their parents along with the institutes’ staff members. In the post lunch session, Dr. Chetana Sharma, HoD (Applied Sciences & Humanities) discussed with the students through PPT regarding Rules & Regulations, Disciplinary norms, Exams, Academic schedule, Ragging and Evaluation Scheme along with the attendance criteria. 

The concluding speech was presented by the General Manager, Mr. Nitin Jain of Corporate Development & Training Department. He focused on the Placements and the schedule required for the students to get placed. All the events scheduled were entertaining and informative.

The entire event was anchored by Dr. Renuka, one of the promising faculty members of Applied Sciences & Humanities. The entire programme was carried under the guidance of Dr. Chetana Sharma, HoD AS&H. All faculty members contributed to their level best and were present in the event along with Dr. Manoj Kumar Singh, Dean of AS&H.


Day 2- 21-10-2021

Highlights of DAY 2


IMSEC Ghaziabad, one of the top-notch Engineering Colleges in North India, has created a niche for itself since its establishment in 2002. Located in the industrial city of Ghaziabad, IMS Engineering College is known for not only quality education but transformational pedagogy and world-class practical learning.

The college welcomed the new beaming batch of first-year B. Tech and Bio-Technology students through a well-organized Induction program entitled ‘INDUCTION PROGRAM 2021’ starting from 20th Oct 2021.

Day 2 started with a brief welcome note by Dr Renuka, Assistant Professor, AS&H. IMSEC believes that Morality and Ethics are the most integral aspects of the education system. Therefore, the first session for the day was Universal Human Values (UHV) by
Ms C Pushpanjali, Assistant Professor in the department of Computer Sciences & Engineering.

The second session was a highly informative and imperative Speech by Head HR
Mr Anil Kumar Garg where he spotlighted the role of HR for the institute and the students. Alongside he advised the students to take hostel facilities for a comfortable lifestyle at the campus.

Dr Anshul Panwar, Assistant Professor, AS&H, conducted the third session by a Quiz Contest on General Awareness. All the students participated in teams A, B, and C.
Lunch was then provided to the students separately for boys and girls in respective hostels.

Post Lunch, the students gathered in the Seminar Hall, AS&H Department for a power-packed PDP session entitled, The Brand “You”: A Journey from Can I to I Can by
Dr Milan Chakraborty, one of the PDP coaches of the institute. It was an eye-opener for the students to unleash their potentials.

Under the supervision of HOD, AS&H students were then dispersed to reach their respective classes for the 5th session as the Activity/Games Hour for the day and were assigned two faculty members for each section.

By 3:15 pm, students were allowed to leave for the day with a handful of experiences. Programme coordinator Dr Arvind Kumar Sharma expressed heartiest gratitude and sincere regards to the Dean, HOD AS&H and all faculty members for facilitating and making the entire programme a success.

Day 3- 22-10-2021

Highlights of Day 3

October 22, 2021

IMS Engineering College Ghaziabad, one of the most prestigious institutions of North India, is known for its leadership in the world of technical education and excellence in transformation of budding technocrats into versatility. Moving efficiently towards its vision of shaping young minds with skill-oriented & value based education, IMSEC has now become a pioneer in the domain of technical education of entire vicinity of Delhi NCR.

The institute warmly welcomed all B Tech and Bio Tech Freshers through well prearranged programme entitled ‘INDUCTION PROGRAMME 2021’ for the students’ smooth transformation from school life to college life as per the instructions and core curriculum of AKTU Lucknow.

On the third day, before lunch, co curricular activities and class activities were conducted in the class rooms. Various versatile faculty members introduced their expertise to the students and paved the way to make them comfortable with the college life. Proper bridge course, designed by expert faculty members for the proper transformation of the students, was introduced to the newly admitted students in the classes. Then lunch was served to the students along with their parents in the boys’ and girls’ hostels separately.

There is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement without change. Those who initiate change will have a better opportunity to manage the change that is inevitable. After lunch some activities like ‘Rangoli’ and ‘Best out of Waste’ were conducted in Block A where the students showcased their flair, creativity and innovation through the designs of Rangoli and by preparing many articles prepared by waste papers, old and used CDs.

A game is an opportunity to focus our energy, with relentless optimism, at something we’re good at (or getting better at) and enjoy. In other words, playing game is the direct emotional opposite of depression. Moreover games are a fun way for the students to fuel their imagination, creativity, problem-solving abilities, and emotional well-being. Therefore, the outdoor games were conducted in the playground where the students showcased their talent in Cricket, Volley Ball and Basket ball.

The coordinator, HoD and the faculty members were all time present in the play ground and in Block A to encourage the students for their participation. The activities were over at 3:15 p.m. and the students were full of enthusiasm when they were allowed to leave. Dr Chetana Sharma, HoD (AS&H) appreciated the coordinator and faculty members for their teamwork and active contribution to make the programme successful.



Day 4- 25-10-2021

Highlights of Day 4

October 25, 2021

IMS Engineering College Ghaziabad, a very progressive institution in the whole vicinity of Delhi NCR, is the outcome of the dreams, creative ideas and leadership of IMS society founded in 1990. The institute has procured a discrete icon as an stupendous educational colossus among the technical institutions of North India, due to its inclination towards innovative and skill-based education.

The institute has been celebrating the ‘Induction Programme 2021’ by welcoming and motivating the newly admitted students and following the guidelines of AKTU.  IMSEC has always been first in caring and guiding its students especially in pandemic COVID 19.

On the fourth day, pre lunch, some special classes of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics were introduced to the students in the classrooms. The students experienced a lot in English language Lab and CADD Lab where they practised new software of English language Lab and CADD Lab as well. In the classrooms, versatile and cooperative faculty members discussed very significant topics of their domain which were much accommodating to unite the students with college existence and main curriculum. Then lunch was served to the students along with their parents in the boys’ and girls’ hostels separately.

The students of IMSEC are verily versatile and always full of enthusiasm to expose their talents and the dedicated faculty members know how to hone the students’ endowment. Therefore, post lunch the students who were interested in cultural activities, gathered in Seminar Hall, Block A and performed with zeal and zest in singing, dancing and poem recitation.

It's not just about winning or losing, but to learn about teamwork, learn about sportsmanship, learn about discipline. Keeping in view ‘the value of working together for a common goal’ IMSEC conducted the sports in campus playground. In outdoor games the students showcased their passion in Basketball, Cricket, Volley Ball and Football while in indoor games they enjoyed chess and carrom in block B.

 The faculty members appointed for the specific activities were present and attentive for their activity in the play ground, Block B and Block A respectively and manifested the students’ gusto for different activities. Dr Chetana Sharma, HoD (AS&H) and Dr Arvind Kr Sharma, programme coordinator inspected all the activities separately and found well being conducted.

The activities were over at 3:15 p.m. and the students were much excited when they were allowed to leave. HoD (AS&H) thanked programme coordinator and appreciated all faculty members for their teamwork and active involvement to make the programme triumphant.


Day 5- 26-10-2021

High Lights of Day 5

26 October 2021

IMS Engineering College Ghaziabad has always been at the crest of popularity due to its quality education and best placement in esteemed global companies. The institute leaves no stone unturns to connect its students with educational curriculum as well as industry management.

A full package of power packed experience, after the four days of exuberant fun learning the entire fresher batch started the 5th Day of Induction program all in zeal. We the educators at IMSEC believe in incorporating a versatile approach to education therefore, the entire program was designed in such a way that all the new members of IMS family realized their potentials and we witnessed great singers, dancers, creative artists, stage performers, and sports players.

The post-lunch program was divided into two parts: some students chose to go outdoors and played outdoor sports like football, volleyball, cricket, and basketball in the playground; a few went for indoor games and enjoyed Chess, and Carom at block B. However, some students participated in fun activities at block A.

Music and chairs, the musical chairs!!!! the first fun game was played indoors in two rounds. More power to girls was given by an energizer activity ‘Message’ which was fun and learning together. The third part of the program included singing and dancing where students came forward to sing and perform their favorite tunes dashing the seminar hall with entertainment and celebration.

The programme which was inspiring, innovative and full of excitement, ended at 3:15 p.m. While departing the students were full of energy and enthusiasm. HOD, AS&H and programme coordinator appreciated the endeavours of the students and faculty members as well.


Day 6- 26-10-2021

In prolongation of Induction Programme, before lunch, AS&H department conducted a wonderful interaction between B Tech First year students and BT department in the Seminar Hall, Block A. In the guidance of Dr Prabir Kumar Paul (HoD BT) the department cooperated much and Dr Shomini Parashar and Dr Indu Bhatt presented the department and motivated the students.  In the interaction all the faculty members of Biotechnology were present and they welcomed all the students especially the students who are from Biotechnology department.  The students were made aware with the specialization and were guided for future endeavours.

In the post lunch the students were invited for indoor and outdoor games where the students enjoyed much for all the games and presented their enthusiasm and skills for the same.


Day 7- 27-10-2021

This day was devoted to the eminent speakers of IMSEC who imparted the knowledge of suitability of Human Values in our life especially in Engineers’ lives. Dr Santosh Kumar Mishra focused on the self and body and their separate requirements. He explained in detail about right understanding and right evaluation.  Moreover he told the right sequence and importance of right understanding, Relationship and physical facilities.

Ms Pushpanjali Patel, an eminent faculty of computer Sciences and Engineering department, delivered a lecture on Yoga and meditation by explain the real benefits of yoga for all. She also performed meditation by involving the audience. The students felt energize and positivity after being involved in meditation.

Post lunch the students visited various departments and laboratories where they interacted with different faculty members and staff. They also felt enthusiasm after seeing the projects of the seniors as the projects were full of innovation and were kept for demonstration in the respective labs.


Schedule From day 8 - Day 18 (29-10-21 to 10-11-21)

Proficiency module scheduled in the Pre lunch session

Bridge Course has paramount importance in B.Tech.

IMS Engineering College is committed to imbibe fundamentals of conceptual knowledge in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Computer Science and in Soft Skills for students who are pursuing B.Tech and shown trust on us to add laurels to its ongoing legacy. To cater the need of the students a bridge course has been structured before the final take off in the Induction Program scheduled by the institution. This has been practiced to strengthen the academic foundation so that the students may score better marks in B.Tech and can be placed with the top branded organization after the successful completion of the course they have admitted to.

In fact at the school level, students are taught to learn formulae and apply it to solve problems. They are not taught why they must solve these problems and or the conceptual knowledge of the whole exercise. But in engineering, acquiring knowledge from a holistic approach and analysis from a whole different perspective change the entire scenario. Thus, the transition from coaching classes to engineering classrooms is facilitated by these bridge or preparatory courses.

Various competitions and activities that prompt invention and applied sciences help students understand and develop an interest in engineering is the basic theme of the bridge course. IMSEC tries to brush up all the concepts because “Engineering is applied science. We believe that Maths is the language of science, Physics is the foundation of it, Computer is the need of the hour and spoken English & soft skills are highly recommended for better placements. Thus bridge courses are inevitable.




Sports activities scheduled in the post lunch session

In the induction program of B.Tech. 2021-22, sports have played a pivotal role. At IMSEC, students are encouraged to participate in various sports activities like Cricket, Volleyball, Football, Badminton, Chess and Carom.  This is one of the most productive and efficient way to unleash and release their unexpressed energy. This is the only gateway helping students to lead a happier and brighter life as participating in sports activities have proven to provide not only physical but also psychological and social benefits to the students. It increases mental alertness, self-esteem and confidence of the students which is an essential part of the curriculum. In a nutshell, students must participate in sports activities to derive a vigorous and healthy life.


Current statistics have shown a growing susceptibility to diseases, allergies and even mental health issues because today’s generation avoids participate/play out door games. Sports can provide an efficient way of exercising. This significantly strengthens the body hence enhancing the immune condition of the body. It’s no surprise therefore that the older generations were lesser prone to illness and required hardly any treatment due to their fit dispositions, gained from participating more in sports activities. Students who participate more in sport activities have been known to be less prone to mental ailments like social anxiety or depression also.

Students can also improve their own personal attributes through sports. Participating as members of a team will definitely act as team-building exercise and enhance leadership or interpersonal skills which will enhance the scope of getting selected in a better brand with a reasonably high salary package.


Day 19- 11-11-2021


IMSEC-GZB, one of the premier institutions, running Technical and Management courses at Under Graduate and Post Graduate levels respectively has been practicing to conduct workshops for their students to increase their employability skills to have better placements even before the completion of their courses. Therefore, in prolongation of the Induction Programme, adding laurels to its ongoing legacy, Applied Science & Humanities has organized a career oriented workshop on November 11, 2021 for the newly admitted B.Tech students in the current academic session 2021-2022.  

An eminent motivational speaker, author, serial entrepreneur & business coach Mr. Chandrashekhar Singh, Founder & CEO of “Softdreamz dotcom” had spoken on essential steps required to take control of one’s career right from the first day of the career journey.   He enlightened students’ mind, by informing them with the versatile parameters involved in becoming a successful professional and a career tracker. He focused on the various intricacies of technical portfolio and expressed various experiences which enriched students for paving an immortal career strategy. He also cautioned students of the jeopardy which hits back students in their career growth, if they show their reluctant behaviour toward hard work and contributing their inputs without any direction.

It was an interactive session; Mr. Singh also shared his personal life experiences which made him a successful man of today. According to him his unshaken confidence and his determination transformed him into a highly productive and efficient personality today. At the end, many questions were asked by students and he submitted his answers confidently, gracefully and with humble gratitude.

The session got culminated by bestowing the vote of thanks by Dr. Gambhir, HoD department of Computer Science. Besides Dr. Chetana Sharma HoD of Applied Science & Humanities department, Induction Programme Coordinator & senior faculty Dr. Arvind Dharma and entire fraternity of faculty members of AS&H department were present to solicit the live professional extravaganza.                                                                                         


Day 20- 13-11-2021

In prolongation of Induction Programme 2021 the students got rehearsal preparation for final function.  The students rehearsed cultural activities and discussed about presentation to be given on the final day of induction programme. The students related to cultural activities i.e. solo singing, group singing, solo dance, group dance, qawbali, poem reciting and stand up comedy, gathered in Seminar Hall Block A and practised much before noon. Moreover the students involved in Group discussion and presentation activities, gathered in classrooms in Block A and rehearsed much.

In the afternoon session the students gave the presentation and discussed in the group. All the groups presented well and discussed about the induction programme. The students seemed to be satisfied with the activities of induction programme.

Day 21- 14-11-2021


“Cultural Fest on the completion of Induction Programme 2K21”

Undoubtedly, Cultural Fest is the most happening and awaited event after Orientation Programme of any academic institution. “IMS Engineering College-Ghaziabad” organized it on 14th November 2021. It is a day meant to pave a path for creating a “being human” bond between the First year students of B.Tech & MBA who have taken admission in the current academic session. Basically a cradle where healthy relationships are being made for an exhilarating journey, triggered off for the entire life.  

There was a lot of enthusiasm and encouragement in the air of IMSEC-GZB campus. The ambience was intoxicated by the “sure success” and “academic” aroma. The students seemed promising and devoted towards their career. The event was inaugurated with the normal course of lighting of lamp, paying homage to Almighty and honoring guests by mementoes and floral tributes.

A series of cultural shows mesmerized all, comprised of singing, dancing and qawwali. Reciting Poetry is an art has been proved by the distinguished participants. Standup Comedy had really stolen away the show as a show stopper.

Last but not the least, Director of the institute Dr. Prabal Chakraborty had bestowed his blessings and praised all staff and faculty members for doing a remarkable job. He also appreciated students for their prompt coordination, active participation in cultural programme and well synchronized leadership and managerial skills among themselves, which made the entire event so successful. He further added that there an undercurrent of “Trust” prevailing that propels motivation and enthusiasm to the next higher level and blessed students for a brighter seamless career ahead. The fraternity of academic and non academic staff members and students solicited the august occasion whole heartedly. Lastly, the students had their group photographs. The event got culminated by High Tea and lunch.



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