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Engineering is a practicing profession, a profession devoted to harnessing and modifying the three fundamental resources that humankind has available for the creation of all technology: energy, materials, and information. The overall goal of engineering education is to prepare students to practice engineering and, in particular, to deal with the forces and materials of nature. Thus, from the earliest days of engineering education, instructional laboratories have been an essential part of undergraduate and, in some cases, graduate programs. Indeed, prior to the emphasis on engineering science, it could be said that most engineering instruction took place in the laboratory.

The Department has state- of -the art laboratories, well equipped and furnished with the latest technical instruments prioritizing hands on experience, logical thinking and root cause analysis.

Chemistry Lab

Chemistry laboratory is enriched with various technical equipments for the exemplary and disparate practicals related to volumetric analysis , water treatment , organic & inorganic salt analysis and many more.

Physics Lab

Physics is a vast subject engulfing various discipline in it. Corroborating discipline and coherence in concepts, Physics laboratory has full range of practical equipments for budding engineers to execute experiments in optics, electricity, magnetism, solid state physics and electronics.

Professional Communication Lab

The language laboratory is supported by digital software to groom the students overall personality by creating awareness with the corporate culture. It is based on interactive teaching pedagogy. Various activities like group discussion, mock interviews, debate and phonetic sessions are regular features of this lab. The students are also assisted to prepare for TOEFL, IELTS, and GRE.

Departmental Library

The department has well –stocked library regaling to the desire of the faculty and students. It assists syllabus , teach information literacy, foster critical thinking skills and provide chances for self – education, self – improvement and life- long learning.


Infrastructural facilities have a profound impact on both teacher and student outcomes. The classrooms are futuristic and fully AC to succour even functioning of teaching and learning. The Classrooms are designed to furnish a space where learning glide uninterrupted by outside distractions. Every classroom is fitted with latest teaching aid like LCD Projector.

Girls Common Room

The department has a fully air-conditioned modern and spacious Girls Common Room. This place is very helpful for them during their free period.

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