Research & Development

The department strives for providing quality education through cutting edge technologies and innovative teaching techniques to create next generations of Engineers and Scientists. This department participate in the various branches of B.Tech. program by offering courses in Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Professional Communication and Humanities. These courses play a vital role in engineering by imparting basic inputs among undergraduate students to create a good base for further engineering education.

Department provides well-equipped laboratories in the field of Physics, Chemistry and English Language, where students are directed to practically implement the principles/ideas which are taught in class for the better development of the understanding of the subjects.

Our highly motivated and experienced team of faculty members are dedicated to achieve academic excellence by imparting quality education and leadership skills to students. In addition, they are actively involved in research and development activities and continually working towards to modify/upgrade research laboratories as per their current diverse research interests. They regularly published their research outcomes to the known journals in their respective fields. Furthermore, various expert talks, seminars and training programs are also organized by the Department for the benefit of the students and faculty members. Some funded research projects have also been undertaken by the department.

Some Research Publications (Last Three Years)

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  25. Gupta S., Algae is Future Source of Energy for Sustainability, Innovation in Agriculture Environment & Health, Research for Ecological Restoration, 2019 :373-376.

Research Oriented Development Activities

  • Some laboratories are being upgraded for research and development activity
  • Mathematical Computing Lab is being set up
  • Few projects have been submitted to National Agencies for funding.

Funded project

S. No. PI Project Title Scheme & Funding Agency Amount Sanctioned Date of Sanction Years of approval Present status
1 Dr. Manoj Kumar Singh Ambient Air Quality Monitoring in Hapur City Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board 8.72 Lakh 05-03-2021 01 year Running (Extended for the year 2021-2022)

Admission 2024-25