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Industrial visit to Yakult food park, Yakult Danone India Pvt Ltd.

Industrial visit to Yakult food park, Yakult Danone India Pvt Ltd.

Students got the exposure of entire production process, including the sterilization of the raw materials, and the preparation of the fermented mixture. ? Students got the opportunity to see working culture of a big industry and inspired to be a part of such a company.

Since IMSEC, Ghaziabad aims at providing students with an opportunity to gain hands-on experience and apply the theoretical knowledge they have learned in real-world settings, in the same direction an Industrial visit to Yakult Factory,Sonipat was organised by the Department of Applied sciences and Humanities on 24 th January’2023 for first year students of Biotechnology branch. There were 41 students and 3 faculty members visited the company. The objective of the visit was to provide students with practical insights into the production process of probiotics and to expose them to the latest technology and equipment used in the food and beverage industry. The Yakult Factory is a state-of-the-art facility that produces Yakult, a probiotic drink that contains beneficial bacteria for the human gut. The factory follows strict hygiene and quality control protocols to ensure that the final product is safe and of high quality. The students were given a guided tour of the production facility and were shown the various stages of production, starting from the raw material sourcing to the packaging and storage of the final

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