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Workshop on Java & DSA in association with CODING BLOCK

Workshop on Java & DSA in association with CODING BLOCK

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering has organized a technical workshop by “CODING BLOCKS” on 21 December, 2022

For 2nd Year students in the Auditorium. The event is coordinated by Ms. Bhumica Verma (CSE Department). Lakshaya Singh took the session who is an IIIT Delhi (BTech) graduate and has a strong coding background in Java and Python and is known for his unique and intuitive understanding of concept to simplify problems .Outside of being an expert in DSA, he pursues Deep Learning and Cognitive Neuropsychology.
In this workshop with “CODING BLOCKS”, an Engineering student or graduate, must know that all big-wigs have various interview rounds; a major one being the coding round. Coding rounds are interview rounds set to test the programming skills of the candidates. In Coding rounds, candidates are expected to solve problems with constraints and time-space complexity. Thus, Competitive Programming comes in-handy to ace big tech coding interviews. Big companies like Facebook, Google etc. hold online contests/competitions for coders. TopCoder, Codechef, HackerRank, Codeforces, SPOJ are some platforms which hold competitive programming competitions for programmers to practice and showcase their skills.
In this workshop, the expert instructor told the students about systematically designing paths, which can help them to master your skills & achieve your career goals. They insisted that Learning Tracks are carefully crafted with a step by step guide that saves the effort to find out which course fits you well, and in what sequence to maximize your learning experience.

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