IMSEC Society

PEOs and PSOs of Department


PEO1: To prepare students to excel in Electronics & Communication Engineering, both in industrial and academic sector by applying their technical skills and knowledge in a professional manner.

PEO2: To infuse in students the capability of effectively analyzing and solving engineering problems utilizing appropriate techniques and advanced engineering tools.

PEO3: To help students to apply their knowledge both in individual & multidisciplinary environments, and to demonstrate excellent communication skills and caliber to work as a team.

PEO4: To realize in the students the significance of environmental concerns while keeping safety, ethical and societal values into consideration.

PEO5: To encourage students for implementing outputs derived from research based knowledge in projects, analysis and interpretation of data leading to development of new processes and systems.


PSO1: Graduates shall have ability to exhibit knowledge acquired from mathematics, engineering fundamentals, Electronics & Communication engineering and related fields for professional excellence in industry and research organizations.

PSO2: Graduates shall be able to solve and communicate complex Electronics and Communication Engineering problems, using latest hardware and software tools, along with analytical skills to arrive at cost effective and appropriate solutions.

PSO3: Graduates shall have wisdom of social and environmental awareness along with ethical responsibility to have a successful career and to sustain passion and zeal for real-world applications using optimal resources as an Entrepreneur.

PSO4: Graduates shall be able to select appropriate techniques, resources for execution of projects and function effectively as an individual as well as a team member in multidisciplinary diverse environments.

Admission 2024-25