PEOs and PSOs of Department


PEO 1: To prepare biotechnology graduates for a successful technical and professional career as per the needs of the biotechnology industry.

PEO 2: To provide students with a strong foundation in scientific, engineering and mathematical fundamentals necessary to design, analyze and solve technical problems in the biotechnology industry.

PEO 3: To inculcate professional and ethical attributes in the students and to promote lifelong learning of attributes related to biotechnology.

PEO 4: To encourage students to pursue higher education and research.

PEO 5: To develop graduates with enhanced technical acumen, aptitude, communication and professional skills.


PSO1: Graduate shall have the ability to apply fundamental knowledge of mathematics, biology, biological processes, and the scientific method to solve problems in biotechnology.

PSO2: Graduate shall have the ability to integrate biological knowledge and concepts with the ethical and industrial perspectives of biotechnology and life sciences.

PSO3: Graduate shall have the ability to work in groups or individually to develop written and oral presentations skills for effective communication of scientific concepts. Students are expected to engage in independent and lifelong learning in the context of biotechnological advancements.

PSO4: Graduate shall have the ability to apply major quantitative and computational skills and tools to solve problems in the biotechnology industry.

Admission 2024-25