Department e-Magazine (MechTek)

E-magazineie MechTekis a communication link between faculty members and students within and outside the department. It reports about recent development and areas of thrust in the field of Mechanical Engineering. MechTek tries to bridge the gap between academic and actual mode of working in the industry by providing articles on various topics of industry. At the same time magazine also serve as a knowledge booster and a helping hand to our students. We also make aware our students with the general issues related to environment, ecolology, economy and rest of the society. It also helps to bring together all the students and faculty members to the same platform to share numerous ideas to think upon. Students can also share their thoughts on a particular matter as well as they can also contribute any self composed poem, interesting motivational story, video, quotes etc. by means of this channel.

It can be easily concluded that our departmental magazine is not only information provider but also groom the overall personality of our students. We believe in “Sharing is the best form of Caring”.

Admission 2024-25