Material Science Lab / Measurement & Metrology Lab

In this lab students perform various experiments for testing of Materials including tensile test, compression test, bending test, Torsion test, Impact test, hardness test. The equipments used are Universal testing machine, Impact testing machine, Rockwell hardness apparatus, Brinnel hardness & torsion testing machine. Apart from this Heat treatment is also performed on Muffle furnace to study the effect of heat treatment on Mechanical properties of Materials.

Work shop

In this lab students perform different experiments and job work by using different tools and machinery. The purpose of this lab is to make the students familiar with different machines, machine components and to identify tools, work material and measuring instruments useful for carpentry, fitting, welding, black smithy, lathe machine, plumbing and sheet metal etc.

Thermodynamics Lab

Thermal engineering is a major area which entails theoretical as well practical knowledge to the students. Lab of thermodynamics plays a vital role in the better understanding of the subjects of this field. Students learn about various types of boilers by means of models available in the lab. They also come across the working of 2 stroke and 4 stroke petrol and diesel engine through models.

Theory of Machine lab

Objectives of this Theory of Machines lab are to impart practical knowledge on design and analysis of mechanisms for the specified type of motion in a machine. With the study of rigid bodies motions and forces for the transmission systems, machine kinematics and dynamics can be well understood.

Automobile Lab/ IC Engine lab

In this lab students work on number of experimental setups to study various concepts of automobile engineering including Study and Demonstration of Differential gear, Clutches, Brakes,Gear, Steering Mechanism, SuspensionSystem, Internal Combustion Engine. Also MPFI system on students study about fuel supply system in engines.In IC Engine laboratory we have following set-ups for carrying out experiments. IC Engine lab is equipped with Sectional light weight models of IC Engine, injection system and carburetor, sectional working model for 4 stroke petrol engine.


Department of Mechanical Engineering is equipped with Advance CNC/ROBOTICS centre. The centre facilitates our students by providing them knowledge of CNC and ROBOTICS programming and operations.

Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Lab

In this lab of fluid mechanics students perform various experiments including co-efficient of friction of flow, impact of jets on flat and curved blades, Calibration of flow measuring devices: a) Orifice plate meter b) Nozzle meter c) Venturimeter d) V-notch, Performance on hydraulic a) Pelton wheel b) Francis turbine c) Kaplan turbine, Performance on hydraulic a) Single stage and multi stage b) Reciprocating pump.

Heat and Mass Transfer lab

Heat and mass transfer lab equipped with lagged pipe apparatus, composite wall apparatus, emissivity measurement apparatus, pin-fin apparatus, shell and tube heat exchanger, Stefan-boltzman apparatus, parallel flow counter flow heat exchanger.

Refrigeration and Air-conditioning

This lab is a part of the curriculum of Mechanical 3rd year students. At a time, 30 students can carry out experiments independently. The lab is having all the refrigeration & air conditioning equipment that enable students to understand the basics of refrigeration and air conditioning.


A well-equipped computer lab with advanced facilities is established for the benefit of the mechanical engineering students. At CAD lab, students get professional training on 2D & 3D drafting of mechanical drawings and designs using the latest version of AutoCAD, ANSYS, CATIA, SOLID WORKS softwares.

Engineering Drawing lab

Purpose of studying Engineering graphics are to develop the ability to produce simple engineering drawing and sketches based on current practice, to read manufacturing & construction drawings used in industry, to develop a working knowledge of the layout of plant and equipment.

Robotics lab

Robotics Engineering is a field of engineering which deals with the construction, design, application and operation of robots. The mechanism behind robots is called “Robotics”. Robotics research engineers design robotic systems and research methods to manufacture them in a cost effective manner.

Project Lab

Mechanical Engineering department is equipped with a project lab where students of our department perform and complete their project work. Project work includes the making of mini and major technical projects.

Pneumatic Lab

In this lab students learn the operation of various components like single acting and double acting compressor through air operated valves manually and using PLC software both.

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