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Four years in IMS Engineering College, surely the best time of my life. The thoughts of not being able to enjoy those lectures, drown in all the technical learnings, and of course bond with my fellow batchmates always made me nervous. IMSEC - A temple where I learnt how to be a skilled software developer, a thorough professional, and most importantly a better human being. We, in the IT branch, consisted of a heterogenous mixture of students fostering a strong familial bond. Some of us were extremely altruistic, while some had astute goal clarity, however we were bound by a strong sense of gratitude and pride towards the institute. I am simply blessed to be a part of this family which is nourished by some of the finest IT department Professors. “Those evening walks and late-night talks, those luncheons in Kaveri while discussing C++ theories, those lectures of Software Engineering and last page doodling, and those birthday bumps, while constant fear of placement trumps.” I would strongly recommend compartmentalizing your daily dose of learning and fun. This has worked for me, and I’m sure it’ll work for you as well. I feel nostalgic every time when I come across these words: IMSEC, Class, Library, Books, Friends, Seniors, Professors, Juniors, Kaveri, Nilgiri, Shivalik, Aravali, and last but not the least Mandakini. Mohan Agrawal IT (2011-2015) batch, Project Lead and IT Consultant, MAQ Software Redmond, Washington, USA

Mohan Agrawal, MAQ Software (Project Lead) Year 2015.

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