Department has four Computer System Labs which are centrally air conditioned and are equipped with LCD projectors and high speed internet connection. The machines are the 3rd generation computers with Window/Linux operating Systems and the necessary licensed software. In addition to this, the department has a dedicated Project Lab which is available to the students till late evening. Students develop their innovative projects and useful application software in the lab.

Technical Description

All labs are equipped with a 100 mbps switched network with a star topology. All systems (servers & clients) are equipped with 100 mbps NICs. All labs are connected to the campus network through a router. The connectivity between IT lab and the institute Computer Center is through fiber optic cable. Department has two High end servers available for students for large projects. Most IT lab workstations are multi boot systems. These systems use DHCP or static IP allocation. Currently the lab workstations are running Windows and/or Linux on their personal systems.The lab is fully air conditioned with UPS protection against power outages. A 30 minute backup is available for lab client systems and a 1 hour backup is for all server systems and room PCs.

Subject Programming Labs

  • C, Python, & Java Programming
  • Data Structure & Algorithms Lab
  • Operating System
  • Web Technology
  • Computer Network
  • Database Management System
  • Compiler Designing
  • Software Engineering
  • Data Mining
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Image Processing

Project Specific Lab

  • R Programming
  • Redhat Linux & Open Shift
  • Hadoop for Big Data
  • Quantum GIS
  • Python

Glimpses of Computer Labs

Programming Lab - Block A

Computation Lab- Block C

Computation Lab- Block C

Computation Lab- Block C

Computation Lab- Block C

Student Project Lab - Block C

Computation Lab- Block

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