IMSEC Society

Vision and Mission of Department


To impart futuristic technical education and establish a department of excellence by preparing students to apply their knowledge and varied skills as a competent technocrat to contribute towards solving complex societal problems and thus building a peaceful and prosperous nation.


  1. To impart quality engineering education so that they become perfect IT professional by getting high quality of technical education, research, training, professionalism with strong ethical values.
  2. To educate students in such a way that they shape up their minds to ensure their productive careers in industry and academia.
  3. To help students to excel in research and innovation that discovers new knowledge which enables new technologies and systems.
  4. To prepare students to become an industry ready IT professional by inculcating creativity, team spirit, leadership and ethical competency through industry academia collaboration, continuous curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.
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